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Other highlights from Bryant freshman Ikenna Ndugba

The poor kid messed up against Brown. He’s still got a bright future for the Bulldogs.

Ikenna Ndugba playing for BABC

By now, you’ve seen the video. Bryant freshman Ikenna Ndugba caught an inbounds pass Monday night with his team down a point and time ticking down. He appeared to have forgotten the score as he dribbles out the clock, only to realize his mistake when it’s too late. The video was picked up by Deadspin, ESPN, The Big Lead, Bleacher Report, and even us.


Imagine how it must feel to go to bed knowing that when you wake up the next morning, the college basketball world will be talking about your brain fart.

Obviously, as a Division I college basketball player, you need to know the time and the score. It doesn’t take any God-given talent to be aware of the game situation, so there’s never an excuse for a mistake like this.

But mistakes happen, even inexcusable ones. In that spirit, we thought it’d be nice to provide a few reminders of why Ndugba is a Division I basketball player in the first place — and why he’s seeing significant minutes as a freshman, entrusted by his team down the stretch.

Here are some high school highlights of his, since his college career is still only a few games old.

First, some video from his sophomore season, where he shows the ability to shoot, get to the basket, and defend:

Now, a reminder that he played on the prestigious Nike EYBL circuit for the legendary BABC squad.

Here’s what Bryant head coach Tim O’Shea said about Ndugba and his freshman teammate Adam Grant in the preseason:

"Adam and Ikenna are off to tremendous starts," said O'Shea. "We feel they have the potential to be great players in a short time. They have the work ethic and athletically can compete with any guard in the conference. The upside for both is very promising, as well as Tanner, who has a terrific shot and he is working each day on becoming a more all-around player."

So keep your head up, Ikenna. Your coach believes in you and we’re all rooting for you.