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Get to know Grand Canyon’s newest commit: Damari Milstead

Dan Majerle and his crew have a knack for finding good point guards.

NCAA Basketball: Grand Canyon at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Despite offers from high-profile schools, including California and Washington State, three-star guard Damari Milstead is headed to Grand Canyon to play for Dan Majerle. Mid-Major Madness caught up with the senior out of Moreau Catholic recently to learn more about his decision and what he can bring to the Antelopes in the future.

Mid-Major Madness: I'm sure you have countless friends playing ball at a lot of great schools. So what can you tell me about your relationship with [current Grand Canyon freshman] Oscar Frayer and how it factored into your decision?

Milstead: Me and Oscar have played together for so long and we became best friends... We played on the same high school team and we just have a bond that cannot be broken so playing with Oscar was a huge factor in my decision

MMM: Was there anyone on the roster that talked to you about being a “Lope?”

Milstead: Yeah, of course Oscar did, but the thing that I like that the whole team made me feel wanted, was all of them telling me how great it is there and how they wanted me

MMM: What are your thoughts on [Grand Canyon’s] Midnight Madness? I watched on Facebook Live and I was pumped up, so I could only imagine what it was like in person.

Milstead: Yeah, Midnight Madness was amazing. The energy in the gym was unheard of.

MMM: Have you experienced anything like that elsewhere on the recruiting trips?

Milstead: No, I have never experienced the fan energy anywhere I have ever been. It was great!

MMM: First impression of your coach Dan Majerle?

Milstead: Great guy... He's a real humble down to earth person but most importantly he's a basketball Genius

MMM: Have you Youtube'd any of this highlights?

Milstead: Yeah, I did recently, before I got on my visit. He was a great player!

MMM: When was the first time you heard about GCU? What was your first thoughts on the basketball program? How, if at all has that impression changed over time?

Milstead: The first time I heard of GCU was when they offered one of my teammates my sophomore year. I didn't really know about GCU basketball, never heard of it. But now after visiting and talking to coaches, I realized that this is one of the up-and-coming programs in the country. They have the tools to be successful.

MMM: What are your passions off the court?

Milstead: I want to major in sports management

MMM: That’s great what do you plan on using that degree for?

Milstead: I might want to go into becoming an agent or even a general manager.

MMM: Does the scheduling of schools like Duke, Arizona, Louisville, and Kentucky factor into your decision when picking GCU?

Milstead: Yes it does. I want to play the best and I feel like GCU does that the best of any mid-major program.

MMM: How does your family feel about you coming to Phoenix and playing for Grand Canyon University?

Milstead: They are excited, they 100 percent support my decision

MMM: Is there a point guard in the League you model your game after? Or you just do you, trying to be "the first" instead of "the next" ?

Milstead: I don't really model my game after one particular player but I take parts of my games from players like Tony Parker, Mike Conley, and Jeff Teague.

MMM: Thats nothing wrong with modeling your game from those guys. Who are you in 2k17 and what song or songs are you playing on repeat?

Milstead: I play with the Clippers and I'm listening to “Hype” by Drake.