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Where every Division I college basketball player is from

Here, waste hours on this fun map

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It’s college football Saturday, so naturally you have nothing fun to do today.

Thanks to our friends at, now you do.

They took the time to map out every Division I basketball player’s home town, then organized them by conference. The site then broke it down further, compiling data for which leagues recruit the most international players and which leagues look furthest from home to bring in talent.

Take a look at the map for yourself:

Some observations:

- The four conferences with the most international players are all mid-majors, led by the West Coast Conference, with 35. The Atlantic 10 has 33. Rukkus says that overall, 11 percent of Division I players come from outside the United States.

- They also tell us that the WCC is the league with the furthest average distance for a player from his home town, at 1,907 miles. The WAC, Big West, and Big Sky ranked second, third, and fourth respectively.

- The school with the roster from closest to home? Defending National Champion Villanova. The average Wildcat comes from just 128 miles away. Though Villanova probably has a larger recruiting budget that many schools, the Wildcats are also located within spitting distance of hoops hotbeds like Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C..

- Speaking of the DMV area, Maryland is the state that sends the most players to Division I basketball programs per capita.

- Stamford’s Eric Adams, Furman’s Kris Acox, and St. Francis-Brooklyn’s Gunnar Olaafson, are all from Reykjavik, Iceland — the northernmost Division I hometown on the planet.

- Washington’s Sam Timmons (Dunedin, New Zealand) is the player with the southernmost hometown.