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Former Central Connecticut head coach Howie Dickenman is now Santa Claus

Congrats to Coach D on the promotion

Ho Ho Homygod that’s Howie DIckenman
Screenshot, WFSB

In the postgame press conference following long-time Central Connecticut head coach Howie Dickenman’s final game last March, he let reporters in on a secret dream of his.

When December rolled around, he wanted to be a Santa Claus.

For those who watched him scowl on the sidelines for two decades in New Britain, it came as a shock. But those people should also not be surprised that he followed through on his wish. Local CBS affiliate WFSB caught up with Dickenman to talk through his Santa Claus training (it’s actually kind of intense) and discuss why he wanted to don the fake beard and learn to “ho ho ho” just right.

We’ll let WFSB take it from here.

(Full disclosure: I’ve known Dickenman almost my entire life. My bias does not make this any less cool)

Donyell Marshall, who Dickenman recruited as an assistant at UConn, is now the head coach for the Blue Devils and nearly led them to an upset at Duquesne on Saturday. Still, it seems Dickenman has the better job this December.