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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: Indiana is a mid-major

For now. We also talked about real mid-major things.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been off from the podcast for a couple weeks, but fear not. We came back last night and made up for our absence by answering your questions, addressing your complaints, and talking Indiana basketball.

Here’s a list of what Greg, Chris, and I babbled about:

  • Wichita State’s potential move to the American Athletic Conference
  • Should Arkansas State fans be upset that they are not ranked in the Mid-Major Madness Power Rankings? (yes, they should be)
  • Silver Sword 2016 winner Sean Bock joins us to talk about his favorite team, the Indiana Hoosiers
  • Who are the biggest surprises and disappointments so far this season?
  • More states should have events like the Crossroads Classic
  • We take your questions about what makes a strong mid-major program, who should be fired, and more
  • Is A Christmas Story a Christmas movie?

Anyway, here’s the whole thing. Please excuse the crappy audio when Sean first comes on. You can yell at him on Twitter about it. Once he comes back, it turns out he has a lot of good things to say, so bear with us.

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