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Mid-Major Festivus: The Airing of the Grievances

I got a lotta problems with college basketball, and now you're going to hear about it!

Gather ‘round the table, my friends.

As you all know, today is Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us. If you’re not familiar with this beautiful, beautiful day, please watch:

Per tradition, we will now begin with the Airing of the Grievances. Over the last few days, we’ve been complaining a lot about basketball in Slack. Sit back and enjoy our misery.

Greg is a Missouri fan. Fun fact: when you type Mizzou into our Slack, Slackbot spits out the final score of the Tigers’ loss to Norfolk State. Slackbot is not a grievance. Good Slackbot.

Like most college basketball fans, we also had a serious problem with the NCAA Tournament Selection Show this year.

One thing that just about everyone can get on board with? More basketball:

RIP Connecticut 6 too.

Then I defended Gonzaga and took a swipe at Syracuse, because that’s just what I do.

This, of course, led to perhaps the biggest grievance of all: no Gus Johnson during the NCAA Tournament.

That brought on two related grievances:

And that’s pretty much it. Those were our grievances for this year. Stay tuned for the Mid-Major Feats of Strength, which we will release later this morning.

Oh wait, one more.