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Morning links: Stuff that happened while we were opening presents

There was some basketball and some basketball talk. Here’s what you missed.

NCAA Basketball: San Francisco at San Diego State Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Been out of the college basketball loop the last couple days? We don’t blame you. There was food to eat, presents to open, and relatives to avoid.

Life happens.

But while you were gone, the basketball world did not stop. Here’s some of our favorite stories and some of the news that broke while you were waiting for the fat man to break into your house and eat your cookies.

From SB Nation:

Vanquish the Foe explains why TJ Haws should be BYU’s starting point guard:

Mountain West Connection needs your help figuring out their pro athlete of the year:

One guy you don’t hear enough about when discussing Gonzaga’s early success? Silas Melson. Slipper Still Fits explains:

Did you miss mid-major Festivus? Shame on you.

Feats of Strength:

From the greater Interwebs:

The Diamond Head Classic happened this weekend, so there were real basketball games with real winners. San Diego State won the whole darn thing:

A10 Talk discussed what each Atlantic 10 team might want for Christmas:

Scoochie Smith scored his 1,000th career point:

Lastly, it’s MAAC Monday! Everyone celebrate!