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Important Debate: Who would be the Mid-Major Monstars?

Just go along with it.

Here at Mid Major Madness dot com, we like to bring you all the important #content you need to get through the work day.

Our handsome and charming managing editor Russ (who edited this article) decided to bless our Slack chat this morning with GIFs of our writers’ heads on the Monstars.

I’m just as weirded out as you are.

This tool appears to be a joy that Jordan and JibJab have teamed up to unleash on the world, and it got us thinking: Which mid-major standouts would make the best Monstars? After a very heated discussion, we’ve come to a conclusion.

Behold, your Mid-Major Madness Monstar All-Star Team (and watch the fun GIFs):

Alec Peters - Valparaiso

Marcus Keene - Central Michigan

Mo Alie-Cox - VCU

Przemek Karnowski - Gonzaga

Jack Gibbs - Davidson

If you have any better suggestions, don’t hesitate to tell us why we are wrong. Hop in the comments or our mentions with your Monstar #takes.