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Can Stony Brook Pull Off the Upset of the Year Against Kentucky?

The Stony Brook Seawolves ran their way to the NCAA Tournament and right into the clutches of big, bad Kentucky. With their first tournament win on the line, can the Seawolves pull off the upset of the century and knock off one of the NCAA's most prominent tournament teams?

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

To think I had so much hope for Stony Brook this year.

Going to their first ever NCAA tournament was cause for celebration. Getting matched up with the Kentucky Wildcats in their first round? Not so much. Especially when they were projected to be at least a 3 seed.

Though the Stony Brook Seawolves aren't quite out of it all together. They still stand a chance, despite how small that chance might be. Jameel Warney pretty much single-handedly won them the America East tournament, so what would happen if the rest of the team chimed in with as much force?

Carson Puriefoy needs to heat up from beyond the arc, along with their other shooters, in order to do some damage to Kentucky. Having bigs that are much bigger than Warney, he may not be able to get inside as much as he wants. It's going to be a real challenge and definitely highlight his true talent.

Besides UK's overall height advantage, they have Jamal Murray, who averages 20.1 ppg to counter Warney. They have Tyler Ulis to counter anything Puriefoy can do, and Alex Poythress who adds any overall damage control that the Seawolves might throw their way.

Kentucky boasts 29 SEC titles, 48 regular season titles, are the most successful Division I team, and they're currently ranked 10/13 in the postseason polls. They currently have five players that stand over 6-8 and pretty much are a favorite to make it far into the bracket.

So does Stony Brook actually stand a chance? Maybe.

They're going to have to play their hearts out and then some in order to compete with a true major team like Kentucky. They're going to have to adjust on a dime if necessary and they definitely can't fall behind by 15 points like they did in the America East championship. Slated to be a Cinderella story for this year, there's more than a few people crossing their fingers for the upset. Who knows? Crazier things have happened.