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Louisiana Tech vs. UAB: Bulldogs finish game with 4 players after brawl

It was a wild night in Birmingham

Screenshot: Video from

A brawl near the end of UAB and Louisiana Tech’s game Thursday night resulted in mass ejections, and the Bulldogs finishing the contest with just four players.

The incident took place after UAB’s Chris Cokley made a layup with just over six minutes to play, putting the Blazers ahead 63-50. He was fouled by Omar Sherman, and it appears that during the dead ball, members of both teams began talking to each other and the confrontation soon got physical. It got out of hand shortly thereafter, as you can see from the video here:

According to the final box score, all but four Louisiana Tech players and all but six UAB players were ejected after the teams left the bench during the fight. Assistant coaches on both sides were tossed as well. Here’s a look at how the short-handed Bulldogs set up:

Stranger still, here’s the Louisiana Tech bench after the brawl:

UAB’s William Lee and Hakeem Baxter, and Louisiana Tech’s Jacobi Boykins were each assessed technical fouls.

UAB held on to win the game 79-70.