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Watch: Who let Leon Rice play with fire?

It’s lit, fam.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Every college basketball coach comes with their quirks. Shaka Smart is as high energy as they come, Tim Miles has a great Twitter account, and Tom Crean is the most photogenic coach this side of the Mississippi.

But is there a coach that has a love for fire? Well, watch this video of Boise State’s Leon Rice and see for yourself.

Let’s break this down a little bit, because I have some questions:

First of all, does Coach Rice just have easy access to cans of lighter fluid? That doesn’t seem like something college basketball coaches keep around the office. Also, is he even pouring lighter fluid, or is it just water? Lighter fluid might ruin his shoes.

Which bench is he putting it in front of? Seems kinda silly to set your own bench on fire if you ask me. It also doesn’t seem fair to set an opponent’s bench on fire. Where are they going to sit? Talk about home cookin’.

Which of his players explained to him what “lit” meant? I bet it was Nick Duncan. And after lighting those matches, did he actually eat them?!

Whatever the purpose was behind this video, it worked. The Broncos won their seventh straight game Saturday night when they knocked off San Diego State, 78-66.

If playing with fire is how Leon Rice motivates his team and fans, then by all means he should keep doing it.