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Podcast: Chris and Ben preview the Never Made the Tourney Club, talk FBI Investigation, and more

And Ben makes people mad on the Internet about Barstool

NCAA Basketball: Army at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t podcast last week, and we apologize for that. It turns out when your site is run by a Yankees fan, a Cubs fan, and a totally real life-long Astros fan yes sir, other things can get in the way of the #content.

But fear not. We were back at it Thursday night (kind of), as Chris Schutte and staff writer Ben Goren hopped on to talk about 20-game schedules, the Never Made the Tourney Club, Barstool Sports, and whatever else popped into their head.

Admittedly, the content is much better when I’m not involved.

Give the whole thing a listen here and be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Rate and review us as well, but only if it’s good. Keep your bad opinions where they belong (Twitter).

Also, if you want to read the piece about Barstool that Ben discusses in the podcast, click here.