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WATCH: Valparaiso head coach Matt Lottich hits dingers

Your coach doesn’t go yard? Can’t relate.

NCAA Basketball: Valparaiso at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who presumably has interests outside mid-major basketball, you might consider yourself to be a fan of baseball, and more specifically: dingers.

Aaron Judge hits bombs. The Cubs have the charming duo of Bryzzo that can go yard on a moment’s notice. The Indians will hopefully send a barrage of home runs at the Yankees tonight. Dingers, in any form, are in fact good.

However, none of them will come close to what Valparaiso’s Matt Lottich did at the Valparaiso softball fields today. Take a look:

Look at that cut. He doesn’t have an excessive leg kick. He doesn’t have to do a Happy Gilmore gather. Lottich has raw power. The only thing missing is a bat flip. How many basketball coaches can hit a softball 300+ feet just as easily as they can draw up a last second play? Probably not many!

This is why Valparaiso is in the Missouri Valley. Not for the program’s basketball resume. No, the Valley needs Valpo so that they don’t get ran off the softball fields when coaches from other conferences bring the game from the hardwood to the sandlot.

If there’s ever a home run derby among college basketball coaches, I’m putting my money on Lottich.