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Richmond Spiders unveil sleek new uniforms

There are a few interesting changes to their red jerseys.

Paul Lukas (@Uniwatch on Twitter)

As Mid-Major Madness’s resident expert on all things sartorial, this time of the year pleases me. I enjoy seeing teams release pictures of the new threads they’ll be donning during the next season.

This Wednesday afternoon, just nine days before the first college basketball game of the season tips off, the Richmond Spiders unveiled their new red uniforms. Paul Lukas, better known as @UniWatch on Twitter, sent out a picture of the jerseys, modeled by redshirt junior Khwan Fore.

While the jerseys don’t look bad, when placed next to the red jerseys from last year, they do look a bit less impressive. After all, I’m a big fan of the white and navy trim that was on the red jerseys last season.

Still, I do enjoy these jerseys a lot. While there’s something to be said for the classic look of last year, these new uniforms are quite sleek, and the new lettering on the front and back numbers really pops. Plus, the stripes on the back of the shorts is quite unique.

Overall, these jerseys are pretty cool to look at, and I love how they showcase the Spiders’ logo, one of the coolest, most novel mascots in college hoops. The team will be wearing these in their first game this season. Here’s hoping they look just as good on the court as they do in the picture.