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Marshall debut stylish, black road uniforms

Script lettering is the way to my heart.

@HerdEquipment on Twitter

I think schools are finally starting to catch onto me.

They know that the quickest way to getting a good write-up on Mid-Major Madness dot com is by unveiling uniforms that are visually pleasing to me and me alone. Given my stated penchant for script lettering (along with seemingly every team’s willingness to enter the fray that is this uniform trend), it’s no surprise that another school has revealed new script jerseys for this season.

Below, you can find the Marshall Thundering Herd’s new road uniforms for this current season. In our Mid-Major Madness Slack, there seemed to be an overwhelmingly positive consensus concerning these new threads and how they are bedecked with many positive embellishments.

Some thoughts on these new Marshall uniforms:

  • I love the green West Virginia on the back collar. It won’t be noticeable on TV, but it’s just one of those minuscule touches that ties the whole outfit together.
  • The shorts. Oh my God those shorts. The green stripes are simple, and they’re not too frilly. The white dots really pop when you’re up close, but they’re going to add a subtle flair on screen.
  • The script lettering is obviously good, as is the lettering of the numbers, which typically is not altered in a similar fashion on uniforms given such a retro-ish redesign.
  • The waistband logo is pretty neat, as are the tiny, jagged stripes that adorn the rest of it.
  • My only complaint is that the “Marshall” and the numbers probably could have looked a lot better with a white outline around the green font. Doing such a simple addition like that could have allowed the writing to really stand out. Otherwise, the somewhat-dark green imposed upon the black jersey will be a bit difficult to read.

Overall, these are some pretty solid uniforms. They’re part of a larger trend in college basketball that combines both retro patterns and modern looks, which is not easily done. While not everything here is perfect, the many parts combine to create a sleek design that is certain to impress all viewers this season.