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Presbyterian’s play-by-play guy is my favorite play-by-play guy

JC Younger wins it at the buzzer, but the real hero is behind the mic.

NCAA Basketball: Presbyterian at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

A jumper from JC Younger with 1.2 seconds left gave Presbyterian a buzzer-beating win over UNC Greensboro on Tuesday, 74-72.

The shot itself was impressive enough — Younger was nowhere near set to shoot and kind of threw it up off-balance — but you immediately forget about that when you hear the play-by-play guy’s reaction.

Take a listen:

We get broadcasters from small schools flipping out over exciting plays all the time, but this one was special. Maybe it’s because he screamed “PC WINS!” and “JC YOUNGER GOT IT!” 17 times or because he didn’t take a breath the entire time. But I think it was when he said “THEY’RE GONNA REVIEW IT BECAUSE THE CREW IS GREAT!”

Gotta credit the refs, ya know?

And I’m not trying to make fun of this guy. I seriously loved it. I broadcast D-III games and found myself singing the World 1 Level 2 theme to Super Mario on the air during a game last season. I’m no broadcasting authority.

But this guy is. Pair him with Raftery.