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UMBC Retrievers reveal fabulous new uniforms

Get a look at the gold ones. Outstanding.

@UMBC_MBB on Twitter

It’s Saturday. While everyone else is busy watching Lee Corso put on the headgear before trekking to their favorite team’s stadium, I’m sitting here at home, recovering from a cold. As I filtered through Tweetdeck, I saw something amazing that is essentially a remedy for my illness: new college basketball uniforms.

Yes, the UMBC Retrievers sent out a tweet today with Jourdan Grant, K.J. Maura, and Jairus Lyles donning the new grey, white, and “retro gold” uniforms, respectively. From first glance, one thing is quite clear: Under Armour has outdone itself here.

The first thing that caught my eye is how marvelous those retro gold uniforms look. Seriously, they’re absolutely stunning. I’m a sucker for any sort of script lettering on jerseys, and this is so well done in that regard. Here’s hoping these are worn constantly.

This tweet is a follow-up to the video that UMBC athletics posted last evening which officially unveiled the new, pulchritudinous uniforms.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of UMBC’s new threads. They might be some of my favorite new jerseys that have been revealed this offseason. From the black and gold trim that now lines the grey and white jerseys to the overall greatness of the retro gold ones, I’m in love with these.