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Your Nightly Brutality: Georgia Tech loses to Grambling State 64-63

Rambling Wreck rolled over. Brutality sweeps the nation.

NCAA Basketball: Grambling State at Virginia Tech
This picture is from 2015, please take new pictures of Grambling State basketball.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

KenPom gave Georgia Tech a 98 percent chance of winning against Grambling State.

Georgia Tech lost to Grambling State.

There’s a lot to unpack from this game. First and foremost, this game was part of the esteemed Ramblin’ Wreck Showcase. Apparently that’s a real thing. One has to figure this would be the first time Georgia Tech has lost the Ramblin’ Wreck Showcase. Please do not check my work on that.

Grambling bossed this game, in truth.

They stretched their lead up to 16 points midway through the second half before eventually handing the lead back to Georgia Tech in the waning moments. But then some incredibly dumb things started happening.

Up three late, Georgia Tech decided the full-court press was the right call. They fouled Grambling State a good 70 feet from the basket. Suddenly, it was a one-point game.

Straight off the ensuing inbounds play, Georgia Tech threw the ball wildly towards the sideline, hurled it back in play, and Grambling State got a wide open three. It clanged out.

Grambling State fouled. Georgia Tech’s Tadric Jackson missed two foul shots.

Grambling State held for the last shot.

They got a good luck at the basket.

They missed.

Georgia Tech was there for the rebound.


Georgia Tech loses by one.

Was this a big one for Grambling State? Gee, I don’t know, you tell me.

Grambling State rules. Georgia Tech, who beat a Northwestern team many peg as top half Big Ten squad just days before, is left with a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.

And that, my friends, is the epitome of brutality.