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Chicago State just played the worst half of basketball a Division I team can play

It’s 55-8

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Northwestern Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t often write first-half recaps on this here blog because, well, one half of basketball isn’t worth its own story, especially when the people who care are watching the game anyway.

We’re making an exception today.

Northwestern currently leads Chicago State 55-8 at the half. 55-8. Fifty-five to eight.

Chicago State, a university that is clinging to life, is one of the worst teams in Division I. The Cougars came into the game ranked 343rd out of 351 teams in KenPom, don’t own a win over a Division I opponent, and are projected to finish the season 4-27.

So the Cougars didn’t stand much of a chance coming in.

Here’s the box score for the losing team in a game between two Division I schools that is on pace to have a final margin of 94 points:

The fun stuff:

  • The Cougars are shooting 10.5 percent (2-19) and have turned the ball over 15 times.
  • Jelani Pruitt leads Chicago State with three (3) points.
  • Pruitt, who you might remember from above as Chicago State’s leading scorer, has not made a field goal.
  • The Cougars do not have an assist.
  • Every Chicago State starter has more fouls than points.

For contrast, the team that is ahead:

The game is airing on FS1 if you want to tune in to this piece of Windy City Art.