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Podcast: Hey! (We’re all Dudes)

I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, Peyton Aldridge is a dude

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Davidson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back after about 10 days off, but fear not! We are in midseason podcast form.

With Greg traveling, Chris and I caught up on the latest action in the Mountain West, talked about Gonzaga possibly wanting an invite to the Big East, and explored Chris’s new theory. He calls it the Guys vs. Dudes theory, and it pertains to the composition of stars and role players that a team must have in order to win a championship. We’ll have more info on it in the coming days/weeks/whenever he gets to it, but for now we have an intro to it here, along with some examples.

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Music: Good Burger Soundtrack, We’re all Dudes