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WATCH: Hofstra sinks Monmouth with last second insanity

The intentional miss, tap-back, splash for the win. What?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky vs Hofstra
This picture is from last year, but Eli Pemberton is still on Hofstra! Not sure who that other guy is.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Hofstra just pulled off the best five seconds of basketball I have ever seen. Let’s break it down.

A quick game status update: Hofstra is down three points with the clock ticking down and the length of the floor to go. Monmouth has been leading just about all game. They are faced with the age-old conundrum: foul, or play defense? The opt for the foul.

They call this foul on the ground, which is a garbage call. That should have clearly been three shots at the line to tie the game.

Instead, Hofstra has to go to the line for a one-and-one. With five seconds left, the best option is to make the first, miss the second, and hope for some lucky bounces. Justin Wright-Foreman hits the first. What happens next is poetry in motion.

So much has to go just right here. The ball has to hit the rim at just the right angle. The tap out has to find it’s mark, and the man who receives the tip (Jalen Ray, who came through with 14 points off the bench) has to catch and fire before the defense can find him.

It all worked so well, and Hofstra earned a huge road win against a strong Monmouth squad.

You won’t see better late game execution than this.