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Important: The #FunBelt is at its funnest tonight

Two buzzer-beaters, including a half-court heave

Screenshot: @TitanicHoops


The Sun Belt is fun. You might as well call it the... #FunBelt! That’s a new thing I totally just made up now. I promise.

We talked about Erick Neal’s ridiculous deep three to lift UT Arlington to a win earlier today. Here’s the video if you forgot about it:

How do you follow that up? With a half-courter of course.

Louisiana has had a rough year. The Ragin Cajuns came into Saturday just 5-8 in the Sun Belt despite lofty expectations entering the season. Then, with time ticking off the clock, they were in danger of losing to last-place Louisiana Monroe.

Johnathan Stove would have none of that, thank you:

Here it is with the Titanic treatment. Perhaps @TitanicHoops’ greatest work so far:

As of now, UT Arlington, Arkansas State, and Georgia Southern are in a virtual three-way tie for first in the conference. Pay attention to the Sun Belt down the stretch. You won’t regret it.