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Your Mid-Major NCAA Tournament Bracket

68 teams. 68 mid-majors. 1 colossal waste of time.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-City Views Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What if the NCAA Tournament consisted solely of teams from mid-major conferences?

It’s a question you’ve probably never asked, but a question I’ve attempted to answer anyway. Below, you will find an NCAA Tournament bracket made up only of teams from non-Power 5/Big East/AAC conferences.

“How were they chosen?” I can hear you asking because you’re ready to fight with me about seeds. I’m glad you asked! Because this is a meaningless waste of time, I simply took the 68 best mid-majors, according to KenPom, and seeded them accordingly. It’s imperfect, but I wasn’t about to get the Mid-Major Madness Staff together and make a selection committee.

That means there are no at-larges and no auto-bids, so the First Four is just the last eight teams in the field. I also took a few liberties with regions and placement to both keep teams as close to home as possible and avoid first-round conference matchups. That’s as far as I went with it.

Enjoy, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mid-Major NCAA Tournament

1 Gonzaga 1 Dayton 1 Wichita State 1 Saint Mary's
16 NDSU/Rice 16 Fort Wayne/Samford 16 NC Central/Penn 16 South Dakota/Wyoming
8 Bakersfield 8 Richmond 8 UNC Asheville 8 Ohio
9 Akron 9 Furman 9 George Mason 9 San Francisco
5 San Diego State 5 St. Bonaventure 5 Belmont 5 Bucknell
12 UNC Greensboro 12 Buffalo 12 Florida Gulf Coast 12 La Salle
4 Nevada 4 Princeton 4 BYU 4 Monmouth
13 Towson 13 Iona 13 Georgia State 13 New Mexico
6 Colorado State 6 Davidson 6 College of Charleston 6 Louisiana Tech
11 Oakland 11 Harvard 11 Winthrop 11 Saint Peter's
3 UT Arlington 3 Vermont 3 UNC Wilmington 3 East Tennessee State
14 Missouri State 14 William & Mary 14 George Washington 14 Toledo
7 Boise State 7 Valparaiso 7 Chattanooga 7 Loyola Chicago
10 New Mexico State 10 Lehigh 10 Old Dominion 10 Fresno State
2 Middle Tennessee 2 Rhode Island 2 VCU 2 Illinois State
15 Santa Clara 15 Northeastern 15 Albany 15 Elon