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Wunderkind Boise State fan climbs basket, saves the day

A true hero.

CBS Sports Network

Okay, you probably weren’t watching Boise State play Fresno State tonight. I get it, but I’m kind of upset with you. Both teams are fighting tooth and nail for the Mountain West’s inevitable single NCAA Tournament bid. And honestly, I’m kind of debating not showing this cool moment to you because you don’t deserve it. Nevertheless, you’re here, and I’m feeling nice.

A couple minutes before halftime, a ball got stuck in the goal. Referees didn’t know what to do. After a Fresno State player’s attempts to reach it proved futile, a heroic boy scaled the beams behind the backboard and dislodged the ball. No matter the outcome tonight, he will be the true hero.

You know, these are tough economic times, and although athletic department budgets continue to balloon, they’ll look to save money however they can — including by making sure every last ball is accounted for.