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Mascot dance off? Mascot dance off!

“The only thing you should follow in Buffalo right now.” — Villanova, probably

Dance off!
via Joe Buscaglia

16 seed Mount St. Mary’s is giving 1 seed Villanova everything it can handle right now in Buffalo, but that’s only the second most important thing going on.

We have a mascot dance-off. And it is serious.

Reporter/friend of the site Josh Verlin caught it all on video. Behold.

Quick thoughts:

  • I know the Mountaineer has an inherent advantage because he’s a human mascot, but he BROUGHT IT. Well done, to our friends from the Northeast Conference.
  • I’m not a fan of the wildcat’s moves. Getting on the floor shouldn’t automatically earn you points. I liked the boos that could be heard at the end.

And there’s more!

OK I take back the nice things I said above about the Mountaineer. This got too weird. Shut it down.

On the plus side, I enjoyed the teamwork at the end. Well done to both.

Here are some photos.