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Put us in our place and wear this shirt for the rest of the tournament

You can play in a mid-major conference and be a high major team.

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The best way to shake the mid-major label is to win games. The best time to win games is in the NCAA Tournament. Surely, based on the picture above, you know where we’re going with this.

Gonzaga is a high-major program and it does not matter what conference the Bulldogs play in*.

*But we will still cover them because we still cover the West Coast Conference, sorry.

Our friends at Breaking T have given us this beauty of a t-shirt that you can all wear as you cheer for a conference that has just one team remaining. And no I’m not talking about the ACC.

You can purchase the shirt here.

Go ahead and buy one or 20. I know it’s cold in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s 86 degrees in Phoenix today. I’m just saying.