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Mid-Major Madness Halftime show!

Answering reader (our writers) questions on Facebook Live!

my dumb face

Your idea of a fun Friday night might be a night out on the town. Maybe a nice dinner, some adult beverages, and quality spent with good company. Sounds pretty great, right?


You should have spent your Friday night consuming mid-major basketball like the rest of us. If you were indulging in a social life, you missed out on the inaugural Mid-Major Madness Halftime Show. I bet you feel pretty silly about missing out on that, don’t you?

Luckily, if you DID happen to miss it, we have you covered. Here’s what you missed:

  • Awkward silence!
  • Missouri Valley talk
  • My cool shirt!
  • Can anybody beat Monmouth?
  • More awkward silence!
  • My bracelet thing
  • The camera falling over not once, but twice

I promise it isn’t that bad. You might even be entertained! Since it’s the first one, it can only get better from here.

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MMM at the half

Posted by Mid-Major Madness on Friday, March 3, 2017