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Bids for Mids: Join the Mid-Major Madness bracket pool and beat us at our own game

Prove you know your basketball things

NCAA Womens Basketball: Final Four Practice Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn’t know, this is March.

It’s that time of year when that one guy in your office who doesn’t know Gregg Marshall from Marshall Plumlee tells everyone who will listen how great his bracket is. Now, you have the chance to shut that guy up.

We have a little tradition here at Mid-Major Madness, where we let all of our writers compete against the rest of the Internet and see how poorly they stack up. Maybe you’ve been waiting for your shot to put us in our place (you know who you are) or maybe you just want to play a fun game and brag to your friends about your success.

Either way, we want you to join our bracket group and show us what you know.

Here’s how to play:

1. Join our bracket group on Yahoo! and come up with a clever entry name. I dare you to try to beat Baby got Bakamus.

2. Tune in next week for our breakdown of the bracket and Tournament previews from our writers.

3. Fill out your bracket.

4. Watch your teams win and be sure to tell everyone you know how well your bracket is doing.