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We gave some mid-major coaches the FaceApp treatment

We didn’t want to do this, but we felt that we had to.

If you’ve been on social media at all during the last couple of days, you might have seen interesting pictures of people via this thing the kids are using called FaceApp.

The general premise is that you take a picture of a person’s face, and the app alters their face with different filters via some magic or algorithm that I don’t understand. You can add different smiles, can turn men into women, and even take people back to their youth. It’s fantastic.

Anyway, to continue our week of weird content, we decided to put some of our favorite mid-major coaches through the app to see what they look like.

And, well, I guess you just need to see for yourself. We are not responsible for any nightmares that may ensue.

Greg Kampe


Not much of a difference in any of these to be quite honest.

Scott Cross


Old Scott Cross looks like every prison warden in the history of prison wardens.

John Becker


Baby Becker looks a little too much like Voldemort for my liking.

Mark Few


Young Mark Few looks like way too many kids I went to high school with.

Kermit Davis


Uh, yeah.

Dan Muller


Dan Muller... do not read this.

Female Dan Muller... hello.

Dan Hurley


Might be the most normal one, I guess.

Steve Fisher


Is there any difference between normal Steve Fisher and old Steve Fisher? I don’t see one. And a question for young Steve Fisher: what was it like playing the little kid in Stuart Little?

Jeff Neubauer


Old Neubauer would absolutely be a member of a small-town government.

Bonus: Tom Crean


hahahahahahaha oh my god I love Tom so much.

Noted Take-haver Dan Dakich

“Dan Dakich is everybody’s mom.” - Russ Steinberg (MMM Slack)

Staff favorite Jon Rothstein

“Top right is Abe Vigoda” - Cam Newton (MMM Slack)

Dick Hole

Dick Hole.