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Dayton Flyers announce cutting-edge UD Arena renovations

Yeah, they’re pretty sweet.

University of Dayton Athletics

Archie Miller may be gone, but the Dayton basketball program is still planning on flying high and doing so in a state-of-the-art arena.

The Dayton Flyers held a press conference Thursday morning announcing details regarding the highly-anticipated renovation of UD Arena. Once the unveiling ceremony ceased, the website was updated with fresh facts, figures, and photos about the upcoming renovation.

It was a great rollout of the plans for the redesign, replete with promotional pictures and videos. However, if you’re interested in watching those cool promotional videos, you’d better have a link because clicking on the “Past to Present” video on just takes you to the YouTube homepage.

Thankfully, I’ve got you covered.

The arena, a nearly five-decades-old landmark that has been a college basketball staple for hosting NCAA Tournament play-in games, will receive a remarkable facelift for the next generation of basketball. That facelift will, of course, cost quite a pretty penny, with estimates totaling $72 million, a number that is far greater than the $12.5 million initially reported by the Dayton Daily News.

This renovation is slated to take place over a three-year period, with the large-scale exterior cosmetic projects being completed in what they call Phase III, which will be 2019-20. Now, while the sleek finish seen in the photos might not be done for some time, fans still have a lot to look forward to for the upcoming season. The elements of what will be completed by then have been laid out, and they include:

• New 100 and 200 level seats with cup holders and handrails

• Upgrade courtside and press seating areas

• Updated and added Americans with Disabilities Act seating

• New four-sided, center-hung video board

• New LED ribbon boards on the fascia of Spectrum Flight Deck and suites

• Move TV broadcast area from Southeast to Northeast corner of Arena

• Upgrade Arena bowl audio system and broadcast infrastructure

• Install platforms for the new four corner terrace suites

• Upgrade arena infrastructure and dewatering pumps

• Begin exterior structures for future phases

Clearly, the University of Dayton is very excited for this renovation, which will allow the program to continue the upward trend that it has been on for the past few seasons. Having this new, refined look is sure to boost the program’s already-sterling image, and it indicates a major commitment to the future.

Still, with all the luxuries being unveiled, University of Dayton officials must be asked one question: