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Twitter has opinions about college basketball broadcasters

Some of those opinions are good. Many are not.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Who could have possibly imagined that tweeting one of those $15 fantasy games with college basketball analysts would get people fired up?

(Everyone. Because everyone on Twitter has an opinion about everything. It’s a rule.)

Here’s the game:

Options, in descending order of dollar value:

Play-by-play: Gus Johnson, Jim “Hello Friends” Nantz, Verne Lundquist, Beth Mowins, Dave Pasch
Color 1: Bill Raftery, Bill Walton, Dick Vitale, Dan “Mad Online” Dakich, Reggie Miller
Color 2: Jay Bilas, Doris Burke, Grant Hill, Clark Kellogg, Jim Calhoun
Sideline: Holly Rowe, Allie LaForce, Tracy Wolfson, Molly “Not Britt McHenry” McGrath, Andy Katz
Studio: Jay Williams, Fran Fraschilla, Seth “Transfer Epidemic” Greenberg, Jon “Also Transfer Epidemic” Rothstein, Charles “In The Annapolis” Barkley

So those were the options. Here’s what we learned:

The people of Twitter don’t know how to follow rules

Seriously, guys. We’ve all played this game before. You have a $15 budget and need to pick someone from each column. That’s how it works. There’s no “I don’t need a studio guy” or “I’m going to move this person over to sideline.” You don’t get to make those decisions.

For example, you don’t get change back in this game.

You need to pick a color guy. We decided this for you.

You do not get to pick people not on the board.

The people of Twitter also don’t understand that the list is finite

Listen, there are a ton of excellent college basketball broadcasters and analysts who we could not include on here. It does not mean we don’t like them. This was meant to make it tough for you to pick a team, and it was tough for us to even pick the candidates. If your name isn’t on here, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. In most cases.

This was one of many:

Or that we are a college basketball site and this is a college basketball game

Wait, what?

Or that this is not a game of marry, f***k, kill (or kill, kill, kill)

People think Molly McGrath is Britt McHenry

We didn’t include Britt McHenry on here because, well, she’s not a college basketball reporter. You know who is? Molly McGrath! And she’s great at it! I was confused when people started picking McHenry despite her not even being an option.

Luckily, Britt cleared it up for us.

People either love or hate Bill Walton

People don’t know who Uncle Verne is

Dick Cheney looking guy? Seriously?

Actually yeah I can see it.

People want 15 Jim Calhouns

Also, seriously, Mike?

Some people are just a blast at parties, I’m sure

Actually I understand that last one.

Jay Bilas took this as an opportunity to make fun of Raftery, of course

Someone might want to check on Ryan Nanni

Maybe talk to someone, Ryan? You might not be well.