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Mail Time! Summer cookout edition

Get all your basketball and cookout questions answered.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Oakland Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for another edition of the Twitter Mailbag. Some of today’s topics include: cookout side dishes, recruiting, and too early rankings. As always, you can submit your questions to us on our Twitter page.

In most situations, Mac & Cheese counts as a main dish. But at a cookout, it masquerades as a side dish. An elite side dish at that. If that’s in your wheelhouse, that should be the go-to. Coleslaw is also a strong option. Baked beans too. Or just bring booze. (ed. note: just bring booze)

Yes. Also, ketchup is a better condiment for hot dogs than mustard. All other takes are wrong.

I admittedly had to Google what this was, so no I have not. I’ll actually be out your way next week so I might have to try one!

Ball State actually has a couple of nice pieces coming in for a team that made strides last year. Also, people shouldn’t drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade in general. Do they still make commercials? I vaguely remember them having annoying commercials.

Whatever Rick Stansbury is doing there is working, and it’s working well. As far as going undefeated in conference play, I don’t think that will happen. Going undefeated in any conference is difficult, especially with a team that will rely heavily on freshmen.

Cam Newton’s (@MorrisonCrying on Twitter) bad takes, ranked:

1. The Simpsons being better than Family Guy
2. Not liking gummy bears
3. Liking Kentucky basketball
4. Not liking House of Cards
5. English Muffins being better than bagels

Well, I had them fifth in my poll, so it’s up to the rest of our voters to follow my lead. I’m very high on them.

I have no intel on where either of those guys are going, but I’d imagine we’ll hear something relatively soon as we get deeper into summer. Those will be nice pickups for whoever gets them.

Being a 21 year old college student, this is right up my alley. There is no best answer because it completely depends on what bar you’re at. I can usually get a decent well whiskey and Coke without burning a hole in my wallet. If the bar has a special that catches my eye I’ll give that a shot sometimes. I can’t afford the actual good stuff.

Luscious, mesmerizing, things of that nature.

I think the only other conference with a shot is the Atlantic 10, and even that conference is taking a pretty sizable step back. The WCC should be a safer bet, but maybe not quite as big of a lock as the last couple of years.

We don’t an official list (yet), but here’s a quick five: Mike Daum, Chris Clemons, Jock Landale, E.C. Mathews, Chandler Hutchison.

Hey, they made our rankings! Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll quite be able to make it into any other rankings. They’re still probably the third best team in the WCC.