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Mid-Major Minutes: June 5

Yale lost a recruiting battle, and March™ might be bad now.

Good morning! If you’re reading this, you’re clearly starting your day off right with an effort to better yourself by becoming more educated about the goings-on in the mid-major world.

In a landscape so dominated by the biggest schools and conferences, it’s quite hard to winnow down the information you want and need to hear about your favorite mid-major programs.

Thankfully, Mid-Major Madness is here to aggregate the news and links for you, providing you with a brand-new, daily post about the world of mid-major hoops.

#Content to Read

Key questions for Kentucky mid-majors (Herald-Leader)

The Herald-Leader’s Mark Story posed a big question for all of the D-I schools in Kentucky for the upcoming season. Story wonders if NKU can duplicate its 2016 success and whether or not McMahon can improve a success-starved Murray State team.

A Gonzaga target announces sometime soon (Brandon Williams’ Twitter)

2018 guard Brandon Williams announced on Twitter that he will make his decision later this week. As of now, his top 5 schools are Arizona, Gonzaga, UCLA, USC, and Kansas, with Arizona appearing to be the overwhelming favorite.

Cormac Ryan discusses his Stanford selection (New York Post)

Zach Braziller interviewed Ryan, a 4-star guard who picked Stanford on Sunday evening. Ryan picked Stanford over a few other schools, one of which was Yale, a team largely seen as a long-shot selection. Still, it’s interesting to read his rationale behind his decision.

Discussion about the A-10’s 2017 season (r/collegebasketball)

Reddit’s main college basketball subreddit had a popular discussion today about the outlook for one of the country’s best mid-major conferences for the upcoming season. While many foresaw another down season dominated by Rhode Island, my favorite comments were the despondent ones left by Fordham and UMass fans:

March Madness is overrated” (Hustle Belt)

It’s no surprise that a guy named @morefball on Twitter would spout a take like this. However, it’s more nuanced than the headline reads (as these things often are), and the gist of the article is that the NCAA tournament is too reliant on the luck of one great performance rather than actual skill. He kind of has a point, but that’s what makes March so special.

Tweets of Interest

The Pope’s coming to Lexington!

Ranking the top freshmen in each conference

St. Joe’s will take on a very good Bucknell team next year

We love Hoops Weiss

Someone please answer Russ

That dog is not happy

I had Shake Shack for the first time last night AMA

Recruiting News

Hanson reopens recruitment after committing to SDSU less than a month ago

A North Florida target is making some recruiting visits

Sorry, Bulldogs; you just couldn’t get Cormac Ryan