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Loyola Marymount’s Mike Dunlap has the best Twitter account in the coaching world

If you aren’t following LMU’s head coach, you’re using Twitter incorrectly.

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That’s how much you can pay to read the wise words of John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, and Jim Calhoun, respectively. You can listen as these coaching giants talk about their careers, their methods, and their strategies for cutting down nets and hoisting trophies. You can listen as they reveal to you their coaching maneuvers after you’ve opened up your wallet to purchase their manifestos.

Or, you could do what I do: Own a Twitter account.

From there, it could not be simpler. Once you have your very own Twitter handle and you have followed the essentials (@mid_madness, @Morrisoncrying, @BelmontMBB, etc.), all you have to do is seek out the account of one Mike Dunlap. Really, it’s pretty easy to do, considering his handle is just @CoachMikeDunlap.

Now, once you have correctly decided to follow Coach Dunlap and embark on this incredible journey into the mind of a legend, you can either go ahead and peruse his previous tweets, or you can sit back and wait for them to start cascading into your timeline. Personally, I would go with the former, but you cannot go wrong with either choice.

No matter the path you choose to pursue, the end result always rests at the same pleasant point: a fountain of knowledge from which one can nourish themselves for as long as they so choose.

Go ahead. Just think of a day. I guarantee that on that day, Mike Dunlap posted something about in-game strategy or how best to motivate young athletes in today’s world. In order to get that same level of insight from another coach, you’d have to get in your car, drive to your local bookstore, and trudge through three anecdotes about the punctuality habits of players at team dinners before being able to feed yourself with a moiety of discussion about tactics.

It’s really a no-brainer: follow Mike Dunlap on Twitter dot com.

Really though, I believe that giving people a sample of what they are missing is the best way to get them to buy into something. Whether that’s taking a free bruschetta at Sam’s Club or indulging in the first chapter of a book at a library, people yearn to get a taste for something before investing themselves in it.

So, with that being said, here’s a small anthology of Mike Dunlap’s tweets:

The man is a basketball genius. One could glean that simply by reading his résumé (he has been on the sidelines since 1980, and he has coached at levels from the NCAA to the NBA), but you could also easily gather that information by taking a look at his tweets.

However, even though he’s a basketball genius, it is obvious that he has a lot of insight about life as well. His isn’t some bland bulletin board that posts trite communiqués about team performances or their meals. His offers genuine lessons on everything under the sun.

I might not know much about publishing, but hear me out: Someone needs to take Mike Dunlap’s tweets, compile them, and turn them into a book. I’d pay money to read that. In fact, I might even pay...




But, until that happens, I won’t pay a dime for a coaching book. I’ll just keep reading the Twitter musings of @CoachMikeDunlap. That’s all I’ll ever need.