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Mid-Major Minutes: We have Evan Bradds and you don’t, Kwan Cheatham Jr. goes pro, and a BYU podcast

A former Akron big man also signed with a professional team

Good morning! If you’re reading this, you’re clearly starting your day off right with an effort to better yourself by becoming more educated about the goings-on in the mid-major world.

In a landscape so dominated by the biggest schools and conferences, it’s quite hard to winnow down the information you want and need to hear about your favorite mid-major programs.

Thankfully, Mid-Major Madness is here to aggregate the news and links for you, providing you with a brand-new, daily post about the world of mid-major hoops.

#Content to Read

Mid-major fans might recognize our newest writer! (Mid-Major Madness)

It is now a fact that Mid-Major Madness could beat any blog in America in a pickup basketball game. This is due to the newest addition to our writing staff, Evan Bradds.

If you’re reading this site, then you won’t need much of an introduction to Bradds, a two-time OVC Player of the Year. Still, you should definitely check out his introductory post and get ready for a great slate of coverage from the former Belmont Bruin star.

Former Akron Zip signs with a Belgian professional team (Hustle Belt)

Kwan Cheatham Jr. will be calling Belgium his new home shortly enough, as the former Akron big man recently signed with Kangoeroes Basket Willebroek.

Big congrats to Cheatham on his new signing, and hopefully he’ll pick up right where he left off at Akron, as described by Hustle Belt’s James Jimenez:

Cheatham, who stands at six-foot-ten, 236 lbs., played four seasons for the Zips, starting three of those seasons. Over his career, Cheatham scored 936 points, 633 total rebounds, 180 assists, 113 blocks and 43 steals. Cheatham was a part of two regular-season MAC Championship squads and saw post-season action twice, with appearances in the CIT and NIT Tournaments.

Examining BYU’s non-conference schedule (Vanquish the Foe)

Alright, so for this link, you’ll need to shut your eyes and open your ears. That’s right, I just linked you to a podcast. Some of the folks over at Vanquish the Foe recorded a new episode talking about BYU, and while it does involve football talk, I promise basketball discussion is in there.

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