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We got a Conference USA Twitter beef

It’s the offseason baby!

NCAA Basketball: UAB at Florida Atlantic Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is a hard time for content creators. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find something to post. That’s fine. We’ve all been there.

Cue Florida Atlantic men’s basketball, who wanted to point out that Devorious Brown, a freshman who could only play 10 games due to injury problems last year, had a good game against Marshal.

Hey, that’s neat! That’s a pretty solid game for a relatively deep freshman reserve! This is some harmless Twitter fun.

But Marshall got mad, and felt the need to point out that Brown, who averaged 1.6 points and 1.6 rebounds a game, was actually not the best player on the floor that night.

This is petty. Marshall is inserting itself into the lives of FAU men’s basketball fans for no discernible reason. At this point in the thread, I am on #TeamFAU. Then they made a mistake.

Oh nooooooo. Don’t open this door, FAU. You went 10-20 this year. You’re not in a position to take the conversation in this direction. What are you doing? You’ve misplayed your hand. I’m back on #TeamMarshall. Finish them off, Herd.

[mic drop]