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Game of Thrones recap: Thrones edge Thrones 68-61.

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Two Throne Conference members are moving in very different directions and questions are being asked.

The State Opening Of Parliament 2017 Photo by Carl Court - WPA Pool /Getty Images

According to every sports site of repute, HBO’s Game of Thrones is now sports. As such, we, a mid-major basketball site, have to cover it. Unfortunately, we only know one way to cover sports.

With 2:43 left in this week’s Game of Thrones, Joe Thrones was at the foul line. His North Thrones squad had battled back to tie the game after trailing the Western Thrones for the entirety of the contest. Make them both, and the Wildcats would be not-too-far outsiders in the Throne Conference (TCC) race. Lose, and another middle-of-the-road season awaits.

Thrones clanked the first one off the right side of the rim, and barely grazed the front iron on the second. Western grabbed the rebound, found a leaking out Demario Thrones in the right corner, he splashed a deep ball, and that was that.

With North Thrones falling farther from the top of the conference, serious questions are being raised about the job security of head coach Danny Thrones (pictured above). It’s now been five seasons since the Wildcats have hoisted hardware, and barring an unforeseen postseason tournament run, another empty year is coming.

“Obviously, we’re not where we want to be, where we need to be, at this point in the season,” said a dejected, visibly frustrated Thrones after the game.

“We’ve got a little bit of time to figure out what we’re doing wrong before the postseason starts. It’s up to the guys in that locker room to figure out if we want to come out fighting or just pack it in.”

North Thrones’ starting point guard, Marcus Thrones, echoed his head coach.

“We’re all frustrated, sure. We fought hard to get back in it tonight, but you have to finish the deal. Second isn’t good enough. We’re here to be champions and we’re not playing like that right now.”

For North Thrones Wildcats fans, there is an ever-growing rumbling that Danny Thrones isn’t going to be the one to turn this program around. After the 2011 TCC Championship season, Thrones looked like he was one the game’s rising stars. But every passing season seems to bang home the point that while his Xs-and-Os acumen is among the finest you’ll see in the game (his out of bounds plays are basketball poetry), his roster construction simply isn’t up to scratch. Whether or not he survives to coach next season (he has two years remaining on his contract) is now a serious question.

On the other side of the court, the Western Thrones Watchmen walked off with the swagger the group that will be the team to beat come conference tournament time. Demario Thrones finished with 17 points on 4-7 shooting from beyond the arc (including that backbreaking corner bomb), Christian Thrones threw in 12 points and eight rebounds, and Thurman Thrones faithfully played his role of floor general. Thurman Thrones dictated tempo, taking care of the ball with seven assists to only one turnover, and harassing the Wildcat backcourt with three steals.

Despite a commanding three-game lead atop the conference, head coach Ronald Thrones isn’t letting his young team look ahead.

“No one remembers who was winning the conference with a month to go,” he said. “I don’t care what our record is, or what anyone else’s record is, our job is to go out, compete every night, and play Western Thrones basketball. If we do that, we’ll be champions.”

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would bet against them.