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Introducing the Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee

We decided against calling it Furry Fury.

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Friends, it’s a long offseason.

We try to keep you up-to-date on all the goings-on around the mid-major world, but even so, there are times when the #content just isn’t pouring in like it does in the winter.

So, as your humble blog manager, that really gives me two options: I can create my own news by going on some sort of public, embarrassing rant/crime spree, or I can find a way to waste all of your time.

I respect our overlords at SB Nation too much to do the former, so I have found a way to get you all worked up over something that does not matter at all.

Introducing the 2017 Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee.

Over the next four days, we will reveal a bracket of the 64 best mid-major mascots. You will vote on each one, winning mascots will advance, normal bracket stuff. This will continue until we have a winner.

Sounds fun, right?

We’ll start with the West Region, which we will unveil later today. The other three regions will follow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Once the final region is revealed, you will be able to start voting right here at mid major madness dot com.

The Selection Process

The selection process was super intricate and well-thought-out, you guys.

See, it started with me putting a call out on Twitter for your favorite mascots.

I tracked all of your responses. Then I asked the Mid-Major Madness staff for their nominations. Then I threw in a few of my own favorites.

After that, I divided all nominees into four regions: West, Midwest, East, and South.

Then I eliminated the mascots I didn’t like and seeded them based on how much I liked them. Super intricate, like I said.

Also, just to balance things out, I had to take some liberties with the regions. For example, some of the mascots in the Midwest region may not exactly be from states in what you would call the midwest. And there are mascots from Tennessee in both the Midwest and South. Stuff like that. Get over it.

So there you have it. We’re going to show you some mascots and you’re going to vote on them. It’ll be fun.