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Mid-Major Minutes: The plan for Rashaan Holloway at UMass and Przemek Karnowski’s Summer League struggles.

If only Przemek was a bit faster.

Good morning! If you’re reading this, you’re clearly starting your day off right with an effort to better yourself by becoming more educated about the goings-on in the mid-major world.

In a landscape so dominated by the biggest schools and conferences, it’s quite hard to winnow down the information you want and need to hear about your favorite mid-major programs.

Thankfully, Mid-Major Madness is here to aggregate the news and links for you, providing you with a brand-new, daily post about the world of mid-major hoops.

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Karnowski struggling to keep up in the Summer League (Slipper Still Fits)

There’s no way around it: the NBA today demands players of all sizes to have incredible speed and athleticism. Unfortunately for former Zag Przemek Karnowski, he lacks both. With the way the game has evolved, there’s not much of a place for him in the NBA, evidenced by him going undrafted less than two weeks ago.

Peter Woodburn of The Slipper Still Fits offered some thoughts about Karnowski’s future:

Karnowski’s game evolved to fit a different era of professional basketball. Which isn’t to say that he won’t find his spot on a roster. A NBA team might give Karnowski a flyer solely because his body size and skill means he is ready for the NBA, if he has to be. Otherwise, it looks like Karnowski is looking at a long and flourishing career in Europe.

Can Rashaan Holloway lead UMass? (Daily Hampshire Gazette)

Rashaan Holloway will be one of the best players for UMass next season, and one of Matt McCall’s biggest tasks will be figuring out how to use him. The Daily Hampshire Gazette’s resident UMass expert Matt Vautour recounted how McCall said he will use his background (he was on Billy Donovan’s staff at Florida) to figure out how best to play Holloway:

“I was fortunate to see it from the front row when we have two centers/power forwards - traditional front court players who won two national championships,” McCall said. “We’re trying to watch some film and pull out some of that stuff what we were doing with those guys. We’ll tweak it and adjust.”

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