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The Basketball Tournament 2017: Join our TBT bracket pool and own us

It’s like March Madness, but better (maybe).

NCAA Basketball: VCU at George Washington Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Like most of us here at Mid-Major Madness, you’re probably struggling to fill the void that the offseason leaves during the doldrums of summer. Luckily, that void is about to be filled.

The Basketball Tournament (TBT) tips off this weekend as 64 teams will battle out for a chance to win $2 million. As always, TBT features a plethora of familiar faces to the mid-major community including:

  • Ram Nation (VCU)
  • Few Good Men (Gonzaga)
  • Air Force Bomb Squad (Air Force, duh)
  • Gaelnation (Iona)

The aforementioned teams as well as other historic mid-major alumni spread across the talent are suiting up to get their cut of the prize money. Think of it like March Madness, but in the middle of the summer with more heat check 3’s and out of shape old guys.

Naturally, when one sees a bracket consisting of 64 basketball teams, one must fill out a bracket. But what fun is filling out a bracket if there’s nobody to compete against?

We have you covered. If you want to fill out a bracket and compete against other mid-major fanatics, as well as our very “knowledgeable” staff, head to the link below. Just make sure you get your picks in by the time the games start tomorrow morning!

Mid-Major Madness TBT Bracket Pool