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Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee: Magnus and Scrappy meet in the final

Two mascots enter. One wins this month-long battle of #FurryFury.

Here. We. Go.

Magnus from Cleveland State and Scrappy from North Texas are each one Twitter poll away from eternal mascot glory. The only thing standing in their way? Each other.

The Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee is down to the finals and the champion will be determined solely by Twitter vote (who the heck wants to go through the trouble of making a Google form for one matchup?).

Unlike previous rounds, voting will not last long. Just 30 hours from the time this is posted. So each mascot has just over one day to campaign, make his case, and, pushups.

Here’s how each competitor reached the final:


Def. Sparky (UIC)
Def. Rufus (Ohio)
Def. Jack (South Dakota State)
Def. Rudy (Dayton)
Def. Bill (Navy)


Def. Izzy (Texas A&M CC)
Def. Blaze (UT Arlington)
Def. Lumberjack (Stephen F. Austin)
Def. Thunder (Grand Canyon)
Def. Sammy C. Hawk (UNC Wilmington)

There’s not much left to say at this point. Two mascots enter. One is crowned champion of the most prestigious mascot contest in the history of things I’ve done while bored at work.

Best of luck to both.