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America’s favorite soap opera continues at Western Kentucky as Mitchell Robinson returns and Jordan Brangers departs

Western Kentucky.

NCAA Basketball: Western Kentucky at Southern Mississippi Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

While I was waiting for my flight home from Indianapolis Sunday afternoon after the Mid-Major Madness Meetup, the news broke that Mitchell Robinson was likely to return to Western Kentucky. I made a joke in our Slack about whether there would be another development in this never-ending saga by the time I landed in New York.

Actually, I wasn’t too far off.

The school confirmed on Monday that Robinson was, indeed, back. That was expected. That surprise came in Jordan Brangers, a 6’2 JuCo guard who told ESPN that he would be leaving the program.

Classes began a week ago on Western Kentucky’s campus, so this is extremely late in the game for any sort of roster shakeups. Robinson has re-enrolled and has some academic catching up to do, but if this release from the university is any indication, the five-star freshman understands that.

Note the release also says Brangers has not met NCAA transfer requirements. It is unclear exactly what that means or where he is headed next.

Never a dull moment in Bowling Green.