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Vote: Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee First Round

Voting will run through Tuesday

Created by Ben Goren #ReadBenGoren

We’ve revealed the mascots competing in the 2017 Mid-Major Madness Mascot Melee. Now it’s time to vote.

Below, you will find four Google forms, one representing each region in our 64-mascot bracket. Simply fill them out to cast your votes.

In case you missed any of our bracket reveal, here’s everything you need before you vote:

West Region
South Region
East Region
Midwest Region

Full bracket:

Created by Ben Goren #ReadBenGoren

And now the vote. You do not need to vote in every region and you do not need to vote in every matchup. But it’s more fun if you do.

First-round voting will go until 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday.