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You know that guy who got the Kentucky 2018 National Champions tattoo? Here are some more preseason tattoo ideas.

Leave your ideas in the comments!

It seems like this is a story every summer. A Kentucky fan gets drunk on vacation (or at home, I don’t know) and ends up with a tattoo proclaiming the Wildcats to be National Champions in the upcoming year.

The legendary Rob Dauster from NBC Sports wrote up such a story on Monday, and it got us thinking: what are some other college basketball tattoos people can get? Better tattoos, perhaps. Not tattoos that would proclaim Mitchell Robinson to be 2018 Conference USA Player of the Year or Monmouth to be the 2018 MAAC Tournament Champion (too soon?). Ones more likely to be...prophetic.

Here are a few:

Oliver Purnell has never been fired

He hasn’t! And he will probably never be! Why not show the world that you’re in the know by sporting one of the great college basketball memes on all of Twitter*? From Radford to Old Dominion to Dayton to Clemson to DePaul, Purnell has accumulated 448 wins as a head coach and six NCAA Tournament appearances. It’s time to give him the respect he deserves.

*at least Cam Newton’s corner of Twitter.

DePaul Lost

More often than not, it will be true.

Torso-sized Greg Kampe sweater tattoo

What better way to honor a legend than to imitate him every hour of every day for the rest of your life? It will probably take some time, but if you head up to the right tattoo parlor in Rochester, Michigan, I’m sure you can find someone who would draw this work of art on you:

Tom Crean’s face

Get Crean’s face tattooed on your shoulder and it’ll be like a perplexed angel is always looking over you.

Or you could be like this guy, in this totally real and not edited photo:

Dikembe Dixson’s tweets

Any of them from last month’s amazing thread will do. I recommend this one:

Dartmouth: Ivy League Quarterfinalists

A tattoo that’s kinda mean but also ironic in a way that only real basketball dorks will understand. You can even swap out Dartmouth for Brown and not lose any effect.