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VIDEO: Liberty men’s basketball holds hilarious Academic Signing Day event

This is worth your time

You’ve seen it before.

A high school senior sits behind the microphone, thanks his family and coaches, and announces his college decision. Usually there are hats or jerseys representing the schools he’s considering. Sometimes he’ll get carried away and do a fake-out where he pretends to choose one school then at the last second he chooses another.

It’s all in good fun, but it’s also a little obnoxious.

It becomes a lot less obnoxious and a million times funnier when college freshmen do this to declare their major, as we learned this week, thanks to the Liberty Flames.

Watch here as the Liberty freshmen announce where they will take their academic talents:

Elijah Cuffee, G/F, Poca, West Virginia, Exercise Science:

This one was a quick, straightforward reveal. With sports management and business marketing also up there, Cuffee picked up the exercise physiology textbook as his friends cheered behind him. As the news anchors tell us, this is the Exercise Science program’s highest-rated recruit since 2007. A great get, indeed.

Jay Barber, G, Lynchburg, Virginia, Computer System Engineering:

Wow, Barber had us all fooled. While we all thought broadcasting and sports management were the favorites, a dark horse came in at the 11th hour to take Barber away. Folks in the other two departments might cry foul, but Barber has made up his mind.

Brendan Newton, C, Roanoke, Virginia, Sports Management:

Thought to be a religious studies lean, Newton went with sports management after leading his 2K team to a pair of championships in GM mode. As you can tell by the height differential between Newton and the reporter, he’s ridiculously tall. 7’2, in fact, which the anchors tell us is also his GPA [citation needed].

Keegan McDowell, G/F, Cincinnati, Ohio, Business Marketing:

Fun story: I was standing maybe 20 feet away from Coach K when Jayson Tatum committed at Peach Jam a few years back. Because Tatum was still a recruit and had not actually signed, K couldn’t react or talk about it. It was weird as hell to watch, and I’m glad this gentleman in the School of Business was able to openly celebrate this huge pickup in McDowell.

Congrats to all the Liberty newcomers, and remember: don’t buy the $200 books when you can just photocopy the two chapters you’ll actually need.