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Podcast: Season Preview Preview Edition

We’re baaaaaaaaack

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After six months off, the Mid-Major Madness Podcast has returned!

Please, try to contain your excitement.

We took this hiatus with a few goals in mind. Mainly, we wanted to figure out how to deliver you a higher quality podcast and to sort out some site-specific stuff before we got it all going again.

I’m excited to say that with college basketball season fast-approaching, we are ready to pod better, more often, and with hopefully a little more direction (no promises, though). It all starts today with our Season Preview Preview — a look back at the offseason that was, and a little teaser for what we will be delivering to you in the coming weeks.


One quick note about the audio quality: Yes, it is a lot better than previous versions of this podcast, but we did run into one problem. You’ll see our voices aren’t quite synced perfectly, particularly toward the end. Bare with us through what sounds like a little bit of talking over each other, followed by five-second silences. We’ll try to get that fixed for next time.

I also mention on the podcast that you should sign up for our newsletter. You can do so here.

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