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Chris Clemons and Marcus Burk each hit 10 threes for Campbell tonight. I’m not making that up.

They hit 10 threes. Each.

Liberty Athletics

Were you watching Trae Young play tonight?

You fool.

You missed one of the weirdest, craziest, awesomest things that I’ve ever seen. The Campbell Camels beat the Liberty Flames 94-83 on Tuesday night, as Chris Clemons and Marcus Burk connected on 10 three-pointers. Each.


Clemons: 42 points | 11-16 FG | 10-14 3PT
Burk: 32 points | 11-17 FG | 10-16 3PT
Campbell Camels: 94 points | 27-42 FG | 23-33 3PT

That’s bonkers. That should not happen.

Teammates have not hit 10 or more threes in the same game in the Sports-Reference Play Index Era (since 2010-11). We have no idea if it happened before that or how to find out, so if you know, please @ us on the interwebs or leave a comment below.

Campbell scored the first 14 points of the game and went 5-5 from three (Clemons hit two of them) in that stretch.

Clemons scored in every way imaginable. He was able to lull you to sleep and pull up...

Or catch-and-shoot...

The play-by-play guy started to get bored...

...then was somehow amazed again

And don’t forget about Burk. He’s been overshadowed by Clemons far too often. That’s not fair for someone who just dropped 32. Here’s a sampling of what he did:

Thank you to Campbell for tweeting all of these videos. Please keep them coming. I’m sure Clemons and Burk are still in the gym firing up threes. In a few hours, maybe let them know the game is over.