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Analyzing the Wofford basketball team’s snack choices

Did the Terriers pick quality options after their big win over South Carolina?

Wofford Men’s Basketball on Twitter

Every school has its own phrase that it repeatedly hashtags and promotes in an effort to identify it with their team. “Snacktime” seems to be a rallying cry of sorts for the Wofford Terriers, plastering the phrase all throughout their social media.

After completely decimating the South Carolina Gamecocks on Monday night, the phrase was used in a more literal sense, as the Terriers took a photo with actual snacks in a gas station on the road back to Spartanburg.

Here’s the team photo, with everyone holding up some sort of “snack.”

Wofford Men’s Basketball

As you can probably tell, some of them made good snack choices. Others made awful ones. It’s time to find out what the kings of Snacktime™ actually know about good snacking.

Famous Amos and Coke:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

I’d say that, out of everyone pictured, Isaiah Bigelow picked the absolute best snacks. Famous Amos cookies are bite-sized and particularly delectable, and he has selected a nice 1 liter soda to wash it down with. This is a well-balanced snack choice that prevents one from going thirsty or hungry; it’s a selection that I would probably make on a road trip of my own. Bigelow knows what he’s doing here.

Bag of Chips:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

Just a bag of chips. Nothing extravagant. I admire how matter-of-fact this man is. He’s so confident in his snack choice that he doesn’t think you even need to see what kind of chips they are. And he’s right. You don’t need to. Respect his decision and accept his decision.

Double Pepsi:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

This guy is smiling because he thinks he made a good snack choice, but 4 liters of soda without anything to eat is a recipe for nothing but belches. Besides, the drive from Columbia to Spartanburg isn’t long enough to warrant drinking that much Pepsi. This isn’t the world’s worst choice, but any sort of foodstuff would be a welcome addition to this selection.

Cheese Dip:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

Fletcher, buddy, what are you doing? Cheese dip and only cheese dip? You need something to scoop it out with! And that dip is full of sodium; it’s going to dry your mouth out! You need a beverage. But hey, maybe he knows something we don’t. After all, he is Fletcher Magee.

South Carolina hat:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

Cam Jackson isn’t holding a snack. It’s just funny that he’s wearing a South Carolina Gamecocks hat after putting up a double digit point total against them.

Lemon Juice:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

Lemon juice?? Nothing but sour, and that liquid will not quench your thirst. Plus, I think Keve Aluma is also holding cat food. This is a bad snack choice, unless he was just using this as an opportunity to pick up some items that were already on his grocery list


Wofford Men’s Basketball

It’s in the forties right now in Spartanburg, so Tray Hollowell’s choice of ice as a snack doesn’t make too much sense. Plus there’s the obvious fact that ice has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero flavor. No nutritional value is gained here. Bad snack choice.

Air Freshener:

Wofford Men’s Basketball

Oh no. No no no. Do not consume this. This is an aerosol spray, and it is deadly. Go for a nice bag of chips, instead.

Mobil 1 Oil:

Wofford Terriers Men’s Basketball

Don’t snack on this. Poison.