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Welcome to the Mid-Major Madness Stock Exchange!

Build your portfolio with your favorite teams!

Stocks Continue Correction, Dragged Down By Disappointing Earnings From Alphabet And Amazon Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Hello college basketball fans/portfolio managers. It’s time to introduce you to something that we’re hoping is a lot of fun.

Welcome to the Mid-Major Madness Stock Exchange!

The premise is simple. Instead of trading stocks, you get to trade shares of your favorite college basketball programs. Want to go in on blue chips like Gonzaga and Nevada? You can do that. Are you someone that wants to trade based on growth potential? How about Saint Louis or Grand Canyon. The choice is yours.

Before we get to the actual game, I want to give a huge thanks to John Templon (@nybuckets) for his help getting the form and spreadsheet set up. He had the expertise to put the vision into place, and he’s the brains behind the operation.

Let’s lay some rules out:

  • Each portfolio starts with $500. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are responsible for keeping track of how much you spend. We’ll try to verify everything on the back end, but don’t try to game the system.
  • Use the same email and portfolio name every time you fill out the trade form. If you don’t, we will not be able to accurately keep track of your portfolio.
  • You will have to fill out a trade form for each individual trade. So if you want to buy three different teams, you’ll have to fill out the form three times. Each trade will be entered as an individual entry, which is why it’s so important to use the same email and portfolio name for each trade.
  • Teams are priced based on their KenPom ranking and margin. Teams with higher AdjEM will be higher priced. If the AdjEM goes up, so does the price. Pretty simple.
  • The deadline for this first week will be Friday at noon. Yes, some KenPom margins will have changed after teams play. It shouldn’t really make that much of a difference.
  • We’ll post weekly updates with portfolio values and updated prices. This will probably be on Monday mornings before games start every week.
  • Have fun with it. We’re trying to build something fun here. There will be hiccups along the way. It’s possible that it doesn’t run as smoothly as we hoped. Remember that it’s a fictional game. We’re excited about it and we hope you are too.

Sound pretty simple? If you have questions about the game or feedback on how to make it better, please reach out to myself or John. Hopefully it’s running smoothly by the time the season really gets going.

Here’s a link to the form if the one below does not work within the article.


Make your first trade with the form below!