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Louisiana Tech’s Jacobi Boykins ejected after not one, but two of the worst calls you will ever see

You think YOUR team is the victim of bad calls? Think again.

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana Tech at UAB Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Louisiana Tech guard Jacobi Boykins was putting together another stellar performance Thursday night before falling victim to one of the most bizarre ejections you’ll ever see.

It’s truly a mystery what exactly the official saw, or thought they saw, that prompted this technical. You can see on the replay that Boykins didn’t say anything to his opponent after the dunk, he just shot him a quick glance and turned to jog back down the court. What’s even more perplexing is that the call came from the trail official, who was just across half court when the call was made, not by the official who was standing two feet from the play.

Boykins was ejected because this was his second technical foul of the game. At least his first one was warranted, right?

Nope. The first technical might have even been worse than the second one. There was no personal foul call on the play, so that rules out arguing as the cause of this one. I suppose Boykins could have been a bit gentler on that block?

It’s truly amazing that one player fell victim of two of the worst technical foul calls I’ve ever seen. CUSA has to step in and do something here. There’s no reason this guy should be reffing college basketball games. Thankfully, Boykins’ absence didn’t affect the outcome of the game as Louisiana Tech went on to win 83-65.


Which technical foul call was worse?

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    Second (after the dunk)
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